Online Field Trip 1 - Tellus museum pt 1

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Can't afford the time or money to go on Field Trips? Take a Virtual Field trip to Tellus Museum by clicking below!!

Tellus Field Trip Pt 1

Tellus Field Trip Pt 2

Tellus Field Trip Pt 3

Tellus Field Trip Pt 4

Tellus Field Trip Pt 5

Netflix Educational Content

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If you are a "Netflix Mom" (and lots of you are - many are ditching cable and satellite and instead using Netflix to save money!) here are some tips to get the most Educational value out of Netflix! 

I am actually a "Streamer" and a "DVD renter" because I find there is a lot more educational choice that way. Note that some of the instructions below will only apply if you are a "Streamer" and some only if you are a "renter".

However, either way, Netflix is a great source of educational input for your kids.  Kids are quite happy to sit and watch Netflix with no help from mom!  But how do you ensure that they are watching good educational safe shows only?

Before you start on Netflix, be sure that it is going to recommend to your children the kind of movies you want it to recommend to them!

Use the instructions below..

Go to Taste Profile and on the popup menu select "Taste Preferences"

Top right select from the category type menu "Special Interest"

Go to Homework help and select "Often" for all the categories

Go to Children's Age and select the age of your child(ren)

Go to Sub-genres and select "Documentaries"

If you want your child to learn a particular language select a category type of Languages and then choose the language

Now go through all the Taste Preferences and put "Never" against anything your kids should never see (adults can always search for stuff they specifically want to watch of course).

Here are some recommendations of educational dvds for Elementary school age kids (and above) you can rent from Netflix if you are not a "streamer".

YouTube Educational Videos for kids

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I have created collections of videos that kids will love to watch and will learn a great deal from! If you have no time to teach your kids its a great idea to simply sit them in front of these video collections and let them just watch the whole set!  They will learn a lot and will love learning this way!

Click here for Kindergarten level videos

Click here for First Grade level videos

Click here for Second Grade level videos

More to come soon.. if you keep using these same links you will find more videos added to the collection over time!

Also, if you have any tips of any other educational videos on Youtube, put them into a playlist that is public, and share them below in the comments!

Netflix Part 2

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If you are a Netflix Streamer, add some of these educational videos to your Instant Queue and then tell your kids they can only watch videos from the Instant Queue. That way you know they are watching educational videos at all times!

For preschoolers/kindergarteners:

LeapFrog (alphabet, numbers, phonics)

All About (series all about cars, helicopters, airplanes, trucks etc.)

For older kids:

Electric Company

(about 40 videos aimed at giving kids "literacy superpowers" - kids love em)

Beakman's World

(about 100 videos all about science - kids love em)

How Stuff Works

(Many videos on how different things around us work)

Liberty's Kids

(about 100 videos all about the history of the US - kids love em)

For older kids only (some material may disturb younger viewers)

National Geographic Details

(videos about various topics - fbi, nature, war, dinosaurs, Islam, asteroids, Egypt etc.)

Ancient Mysteries

(geography, history, bigfoot, astrology, witches, ufos)

DVD Renters

Here are some dvds you might like to rent for your kids' educational benefit:

For preschoolers/kindergarteners:


LeapFrog (alphabet, numbers, phonics)


For elementary age and older:


Schoolhouse Rock


Magic Schoolbus


Rock n Learn (Spanish, math, reading, telling time..)


Popular Mechanics for kids (all kinds of interesting topics including radical rockets and xtreme sports)


Getting Ahead series (all topics from science to reading)


Reading Rainbow (encourages kids to read about all kinds of topics)


Eyewitness Science series


For older kids only:


National Geographic


(videos about various topics - fbi, nature, war, dinosaurs, Islam, asteroids, Egypt etc.)


Ancient Mysteries


(geography, history, bigfoot, astrology, witches, ufos)


Modern Marvels

(Mount Rushmore, Great Wall of China, Empire State Building etc.)


 Here are some new netflix streaming series/movies now available that you may want to check out!




Horrible Histories


Dear America




The Magic Schoolbus





Discover Planet Ocean


3D Dive


BirdPark 3D


Alligator Kingdom