American Revolution for kids

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Youtube has the whole Liberty Kids series for free (39 videos) teaching kids all about the American Revolution!

And the kids LOVE to watch it too!!

Making up for Snow Days

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Parents of Third Graders


Here are Math Rock n Learn videos you may want to watch with your kids

to help make up for lost snow days


The best one for third grade math is this one:


You may want to consider..


Basic Multiplication


Multiplication Rock


Division Rap


Telling Time


Beginning Fractions and Decimals (Advanced 3rd graders)




Reading Comprehension


For advanced 3rd graders

Writing Strategies


Gifted Testing (COGAT and IOWA)

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I created a new channel on youtube to store all the cogat testing and iowa testing samples I find.. see below

Lots of Educational Videos on one site!

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I came across a gem of a site today.

Open Ed website see below, has a host of videos for all grade levels on Common Core Math, Common Core Language Arts, Common Core Social Studies, Next Generation Science Studies, Common Core Literacy, history and technical subjects etc." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

These sites have great resources for many grades and subjects also:

Various worksheets at different grade levels on different topics

Automated tests on different grades/topics:

Online Field Trip 2 - Chattahoochee Nature Center

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This set of videos takes you on a fascinating tour of the Chattahoochee Nature Center - especially see the Butterfly Festival vids towards the end..

Tour of the Discovery Center

Fun with Electron Microscopes


Chameleon and Tarantula (sound is bad)


Chameleon Magnets and Tarantula



Huge Caterpillar


Eastern King Snake


Julia's Monarch Butterfly


Butterfly tent

Online Field Trip 3 - Reptile Encounter

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Two part field trip to a Reptile Center near Myrtle Beach (South of the Border)

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DVDs on Netflix for older kids

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For those who have the DVD membership on Netflix, but have older kids, the Standard Deviants dvds are great for educational purposes!

My Educational Videos Channel!

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I have reorganized my YouTube page so that now you can see all the playlists I have created for all the different types of educational videos.  I have also added substantially to the list!  Tell the kids its really easy to skip to the next video if there are any they don't like! ;-)

Here is the page

Here are the shortcuts to some of the best playlists

2nd grade vids

First grade vids

Kindergarten vids



Upper elementary education (3rd grade plus)


Teamwork, traits and personal safety