DVDs on Netflix for older kids

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For those who have the DVD membership on Netflix, but have older kids, the Standard Deviants dvds are great for educational purposes!

Some of my favorite educational websites

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Here are some of my favorite websites for educating kids..


Kids Know It

Offers free educational music, movies, worksheets, over 500 free educational games, free educational posters.

It is described as the most popular educational website.

Includes some great features:

- free skymap

- free interactive Solar System ;

- free interactive human body

- free history explorer




The NASA website has a great selection of learning activities including fun games and cool search engines and divides them into grade groups (k-4, 5-8, 9-12 and Higher Education)


KidsOLR Education Directory

Help kids with their homework - this site directory helps them find resources on the web that will help them to research and do their homework

Includes a link to this page, their full homeschooling resource library (Great selection of sites!)



The best way to teach your kids the fundamentals of programming computers in a way that seems like they are just

playing a game and having fun!  Developed by Carnegie Mellon University.



Lots of online books for kids to read (interactive and fun!)


Kids Korner

Learn all about Energy - why we need it, how we create it, types of energy etc. from this beautifully designed fun website for kids



Websites for Kids

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These are links from EastValley's website.  Most of them are free to access.  A couple are only accessible if you have a loginid provided by the school (or you have to sign up yourself)- most Cobb County websites have logins so ask around if you live in Cobb County!

Kindergarten links

First Grade links

Second Grade links

Third Grade links

Fourth Grade links

Fifth Grade links

Keyboarding practice (This is KEY to all kids now!!!)

Links to all kinds of educational web pages continued

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This list is mainly for older kids, and most of the links are to worksheets

  • Science - 27 files, 1 directories, 9933 KB total.
  • Spanish - 3 files, 27866 KB total.

  • WordsLanguageLiteratureEnglish - 97 files, 6 directories, 250003 KB total.
  • Links to all kinds of educational web pages

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    Most of these links are for early education / kindergarten through 2nd grade